1. As this forum is a public space, please do not share personally identifiable information from patient details and notes.
  2. Inappropriate comments will be removed or edited with a note from a moderator.
  3. While the documents are available for download, we ask that visitors do not directly share these documents with others.


1) How do I access case presentations?

We use PowerPoint slides for narrated case presentations. Please ensure that your computer, laptop, or mobile device has the PowerPoint app to view the case presentation. You can download the PowerPoint app on your mobile device for free (Android / iOS).

2) How do I read posts and comment on them?

  • While browsing, tap/click on the title, or “Show full post” to read through the entire post.
  • When you want to comment on a particular post, go to the end of that post and tap/click “Reply”.
  • You can also reply to other readers’ comments; tap/click “Reply” that is below that reader’s comments.

3) How often does this blog update?

We post one new case every two months; a summary of readers’ discussions about the case will be posted at the end of two months.

4) How do I prepare a case presentation?

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