Bridge to Home: using transmucosal fentanyl to manage cancer pain and facilitate hospital to home

Dr Mandy Man and Nurse Agnes Wong from Hong Kong’s Children Hospital presents a case of supporting young MM and his journey to go home with the help of transmucosal fentanyl.

MM is a 3-year-old boy diagnosed with retroperitoneal embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma since the age of 1. Parents understood the prognosis and wished to facilitate MM’s ability to enjoy every moment of life. When he shared a desire to be discharged and to go home, the team looked into ways to manage his cancer pain at home.

The full story can be accessed via the video below or the PowerPoint slide.

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Supporting parents’ decision making for baby with Trisomy 18

Wishing everyone a pleasant and safe new year! For our very first post of 2021, we are pleased to share a case presentation by Dr Min Sun Kim from Seoul National University Hospital.

The case centers on the family’s decision-making and preference of care for their baby with Trisomy 18 and esophageal atresia. Please tune in to the case presentation through the link below:

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Teenager with soft tissue sarcoma with multiple adverse drug reactions

Greetings everyone! After a brief hiatus, we are pleased to share another case for discussion.

For this month’s discussion, Dr Grace Ng from Singapore shares a case about her team’s journey with caring for a teenage patient with soft-tissue sarcoma, and the patient’s struggles with multiple adverse drug reactions.

If you have trouble accessing Youtube videos, you can download the Powerpoint Presentation Show to listen to the presentation here.

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Terminal Discharge of newborn baby boy with antenatally diagnosed gastroschisis

Hello everyone! We hope you are all keeping safe during this period. The Special Interest Group case discussion forum is still accepting case studies; if you wish to submit a case study, please do contact us!

The second case study is once again presented by Dr Grace Ng from HCA Star PALS.

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Gut dysmotility in 2-year-old girl with presumed genetic condition

This case was presented by Dr Grace Ng from HCA Hospice Care, Star PALS.

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